Bachelor’s Degree Sofware engineer

Howest (2016 - 2019)

Hack the Future

Cronos Group (29 October 2018)

Together with Ruben Dewitte I won the mobile development category and the main price in the yearly Hack The Future hackathon organized by the Cronos Group.

Full-Stack Blockchain Developer

Settlemint (Summer vacation 2018)

I developed a bridge between main net Ethereum and Settlemint’s DatabrokerDAO platform. This bridge allowed ERC20 tokens to be transferred from one network to another. This involved building Ethereum smart contracts, a back-end middleman service and a Web 3.0 decentralized App.

Mobile Developer

Tsjing (Summer vacation 2017)

I worked at Tsjing on a 5-week long project during my summer vacation. This project consisted of building an iOS and Android app (in React Native) for one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Europe. The app provided food & drink delivery straight to your tent on the campsite.